Title: A Survey on the Technology of Fish Culture in Ponds in Huzhou in the Late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China,Focusing on Linghu Area
Author: HAN Yu-fen    
Jounal: 中国农史
YEAR: 2020
Vol.: 39
No.: 1
Page: 12-24
Abstract: Historically,Huzhou is the central area for freshwater aquaculture in China.The local pond fish farming technology,which has held a leading positionone of in China for a long time,is complete,systematic,advanced,and distinctive.Huzhou's contribution to Chinese freshwater fish farming technology mainly comes from Linghu Town.Historical literature on fish farming of Huzhou and especially Linghu in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China is quite rich,involving all aspects of pond fish culture such as pond construction and clearing,fry collection and cultivation,feeding,transporting,and fish disease prevention.These materials reveal the characteristics of fish farming technology in Huzhou on the one hand,and point out the problems of the local fish farming industry on the other hand.