Title: The Main Measures and Historical Reference of Prevention and Control of Plague about Ordinary People in Song Dynasty
Author: Han Yi    
Jounal: 中原文化研究
YEAR: 2020
Vol.: 8
No.: 2
Page: 40-47
Abstract: The people in Song Dynasty were the important grass-roots and auxiliary forces to prevent and control the plague,which made up for the weak areas of government treatment.Folk doctors are the backbone of disease prevention and control.On the one hand,they go to the disaster area to diagnose and treat patients,distribute drugs,publish medical prescriptions,and disseminate official medical knowledge.On the other hand,they accumulate experience,write medical books,select famous prescriptions,simplify government medical prescriptions,and apply medical knowledge to clinical treatment.The common people ’ s understanding and attitude towards the epidemic are very complex,and the epidemic prevention measures adopted are also diverse.With the attention and guidance of the state,the attitude of the people towards the epidemic in Song Dynasty changed to some extent,and they realized that medical knowledge was the fundamental and key to the prevention and control of the epidemic. "According to prescriptions to use drugs" became the new direction of medical development in Song Dynasty,which greatly promoted the production of medical prescriptions and the application of drugs.