Title: New Astronomical Method and the Old Astrology——Observation and Calculation of the encroachment “lingfan” in Ancient China
Author: LI Liang    
Jounal: 科学技术哲学研究
YEAR: 2020
Vol.: 37
No.: 1
Page: 73-79
Abstract: Based on the survey of various definitions and criterions of the astronomical phenomena“lingfan”in different periods of China,this paper points out that the standard of“lingfan”is constantly changing with the development of astronomy.Before the adoption of Huihui lifa,the Chinese traditional calendrical systems could not predict“lingfan”,and the records of“lingfan”were almost based on actual observations.Because of the huge demand in the astrology,there are a large number of records of“lingfan”in the texts related to celestial phenomena in ancient China.When Huihui lifa was used in the calculation of predicting“lingfan”,this new astronomical method began to serve the Chinese traditional astrology and became an important way for divination.During the Ming and Qing periods,the status of“lingfan”improved and it became an effective approach to exam the accuracy of calendar beside the solar and lunar eclipse.At the same time,with the introduction of the western astronomical knowledge,people understood the principle of“lingfan”better and began to question its rationality in astrology,and new astronomical knowledge brings a fresh challenge to the old astrological theory.