Title: Study on Green Development Model of Global Bay Areas under Background of Win-win Pattern of Economy and Ecology
Author: YANG Yang    
Jounal: 中国科学院院刊
YEAR: 2020
No.: 3
Page: 322-330
Abstract: Implementing Xi Jinping’s guiding ideology of"Two Mountains Theory"and realizing the win-win pattern of regional economic development and environmental protection are very important for modernization of national governance system and capacity.As an important engine of regional economic growth place,Bay Area’s economic development model can always take into account the harmonious coexistence with the ecological environment.Therefore,this research starts from the two dimensions of green economy and green environment,builds the basic path of regional green development and takes it as the analysis framework.Meanwhile,we systematically review on the green development experience of the four Bay Areas in the world combing their different characteristics.Finally,a general theoretical model is put forward of green development for the bay area economic belt under the background of winwin pattern,which can provide theoretical and practical experience for the economic and environmental construction of coastal areas,as well as for the construction of ecological civilization in China.