Title: AI Science:the Sixth Paradigm of Scientific Research
Author: Liu Yidong    
Jounal: 未来与发展
YEAR: 2020
No.: 6
Page: 1-6
Abstract: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been widely used in scientific study, including all-round independent research covering topic -selection and problem -solving as well as research of independent problem -solving, with the latter in majority nowadays. Both of them can be called independent AI research. There will be more and more scientific study carried out by independent AI. Independent AI research has formed a brand-new research paradigm—AI Science, which is the sixth paradigm after Experimental Science, Theoretical Science, Computational Science, Data Science and Virtual Science. It differs from the previous ones in five aspects including research subject, research methodology, standard procedure of cognitive activities, code and ethics of scientific conduct and reward system. With the assistance of AI Science to resource history and resource science&technology history study, historical resource has become the most important resource. By implementing AI Science in predict futurology and resource futurology studies, future has become the most important strategic resource. To develop people-oriented AI and AI Science is for the good of human security as well as sustainable innovation and development.