Title: Technical Innovation of LH2/LOX Rocket Engines in China
Author: LI Chengzhi, MA Bingtao    
Jounal: Chinese Annals of History of Science and Technology
YEAR: 2020
Vol.: 4
No.: 2
Page: 160–182
Abstract: This paper provides a detailed introduction to and analysis of the course of China’s technological innovation in liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen (LH2/LOX) rocket engines from a historical point of view. It starts with the investigation of LH2/LOX rocket engines by relevant departments of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the 1960s and their preliminary achievements. Then, the policy decision concerning LH2/LOX engine development, the project approval of the Long March-3 (Chang Zheng-3, CZ-3) rocket, and the process of developing LH2/LOX engines are analyzed in detail, followed by an introduction to and summary of the development situation and technical innovation characteristics of China’s LH2/LOX engines as they grew from 4 tons to 8 tons, and finally to 50 tons. Finally, the paper briefly analyzes the innovation experience connected with China’s LH2/LOX engines.