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  • On Einstein's German Nationality
Jounal : 科学文化评论
Author : FANG Zaiqing    
YEAR : 2023-04-25
Vol. : 20
No. : 02
Page : 5-16
Abstract :

Although from his heart he did not identify with his German citizenship,theissue of Einstein's nationality did not cause him any substantial problems until he re-ceived the Nobel Prize.But when he won the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922,thesituation became much complicated.Although the Nobel Prize honors individual a-chievement,the public and the government officials saw it as a national honor.In thisway,the issue of Einstein's nationality eventually turned into a diplomatic storm inwhich Einstein was forced to become involved.The use of Einstein to gain glory forGermany was the factor behind the noisy diplomatic storm.Sadly,as Germany joinedthe League of Nations in 1926 and the Germans rejoined the international scientificcommunities,the attitude of the German authorities toward Einstein changed substan-tially,culminating in his deportation.Einstein's German citizenship had brought himsome convenience,but more than that,it was a source of distress and even shame.On-ly by adhering to scientific internationalism and creating conditions for scientists to givefull play to their creative nature can we contribute to human development and worldpeace.