Title: A slogan and it’s story: the making of the idiom of jinggengxizuo
Author: Zengxiongsheng    
Jounal: 中国经济史研究
YEAR: 2018
No.: 4
Page: 153-168
Abstract: Jing Geng Xi Zuo (精耕细作,Intensive cultivation) is a Chinese idiom that generalize the most important characteristic of traditional agriculture in China. This feature has remained in the practice of peasants for thousands of years since it was formed in the spring and autumn and warring States Period. However, as an idiom, it began to get popular after the 1940s, and its formation coincided with that of the Yan'an Large production movement that led by the Communist Party of China in liberated area, especially with the typical labor hero Wu Manyou and other exemplary characters that established in the movement. Wu Manyou and the others had increased production by improving farming practices to support the border area construction, after the media reports, his experience was summed up as "deep-plowing and meticulous hoeing", and finally stereotyped as " Intensive cultivation " at the end of 1943 and 1944, under the influence of the words "fine tillage" that introduced from the Kuomintang area, and in 1957 after Mao Zedong's mention again, it receives the widespread attention, and becomes the New China agriculture development and the economic construction guiding ideology. It has been used and affected beyond agriculture. Combining the formation process of this idiom, with the mythology of concept archaeology, this paper combs the intension of intensive cultivation, technical characteristics and its application in cotton production. In order to have a more in-depth and complete understanding of this idiom that people often speak of.