Title: Development of the Soviet Union's Liquid Rocket Technologies in the 1920s to the 1930s
Author: Wangfang    
Jounal: 科学技术哲学研究
YEAR: 2018
Vol.: 35
No.: 2
Page: 83-89
Abstract: During the period, the flourishing culture of space exploration in the Soviet Union nurtured a pool of outstanding rocket engineers. On appreciating the advantages of liquid rocket technologies researches, these engineers established groups and institutes dedicated to rocket technologies, such civil initiatives later adopted official supports to conduct further researches. The pioneers carried out numerous experimental activities and accumulated a great deal of organizational and research experience, laying significant foundation for the talent pool necessary for the long-term development of the Soviet Union's rocket technologies. However, the development of liquid rocket technologies was at that time confronted with some obstacles unbreakable within a short term, and the Great Purge was another straw interrupting the in-depth exploration of rocket technologies.