Title: An Overview of Comprehensive Utilization Research on Bayan Obo Mineral Resources by IPE CAS
Author: Liu Wei,Fang Yi-bing,Li Dao-zhao    
Jounal: 工程研究:跨学科视野中的工程
YEAR: 2020
Vol.: 11
No.: 6
Page: 576-586
Abstract: Bayan Obo in Baotou is a large polymetallic symbiotic mine in China.In 1978,comprehensive utilization research on Bayan Obo mineral resources was listed as one of the 108 key projects and 3 major research centers in China.As deputy premier of the State Council,Fang Yi,distributed scientific and technological research to more than a 100 institutes,universities,and enterprises,The first director of the Institute of Chemical Metallurgy,Chinese Academy of Sciences(ICM CAS,now Institute of Process Engineering,IPE CAS)Yap Chu-Phay made a forward-looking and strategic suggestion on the comprehensive utilization of Bayan Obo mineral resources in the 1950s-1960s;however,it was not totally accepted by the central ministries at that time.From 1978,ICM CAS assumed the important comprehensive utilization research mission that was to extractrare earth from the blast furnace slag of Bayan Obo ore.Scientists of the ICM CAS made fruitful research achievements with pilot test successes in Baotou enterprises.This paper analyses the relationship between scientific and technological consultation and research and major national strategicneeds through studying the history of Yap Chu-Phay’s suggestion of the comprehensive utilization of rare earth and the chemical metallurgy research on Bayan Obo mineral resources comprehensive utilization.From this case study,the paper reflects how Chinese state-run research institutions such as IPE CAS conduct scientific and technological research to meet major national strategic needs.