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  • From Geology Discipline to Geology DepartmentGeology education in Imperial University of Peking
Jounal : 科学文化评论
Author : PENG Fan    
YEAR : 2023-04-25
Vol. : 20
No. : 02
Page : 45-61
Abstract :

After the Opium War,a group of people of insight in China advocated learn-ing western science and technology in order to enrich the country and strengthen thearmed forces.Under this background,modern geological knowledge began to be intro-duced.After the first Sino-Japanese War,the establishment of modern schools and re-serving talents became a trend,and the Imperial University of Peking took advantage ofthe opportunity to set up.Reviewing the founding charters of Imperial University of Pe-king,its geological education had a very obvious practical tendency since it was pro-posed to serve the goal of enriching the country and strengthening the armed forces.Since the opening of Imperial University of Peking on December 31,1898,geology ed-ucation has been continuously developed and enriched in practice.The establishment ofGeology Department of Faculty of Science in March 1910 not only took an exploratorystep towards higher geological education in China,but also provided some matter andtalent support for the development of higher geological education and geological under-takings in China.