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  • "Nuclear risk" a major scientific and technological risk that needs tobe prevented and controlled
Jounal : 未来与发展
Author : YAO Licheng    
YEAR : 2023-05-15
Vol. : 47
No. : 05
Page : 7-15
Abstract :

Science and technology security is an important part of national security.The establishment of nuclear fissiontheory and the use of nuclear technology can be regarded as one of the most powerful scientific discoveries andtechnological inventions in human society in the 20th century,but at the same time,it also opened the curtain of scientificand technological risks,presenting the threat and risk of destroying humanity to the world.Today,we are highlydependent on the development of science and technology.How should we protect human civilization and our existingenvironment,and be alert to the potential threats posed by nuclear risks.