Title: Introduction: Creativity and Imagination through Time, Culture and Identity
Author: Tilly Blyth, Yao Yan'an    
Jounal: Chinese Annals of History of Science and Technology
YEAR: 2020
Vol.: 4
No.: s
Page: 1–8
Highlighting the Time, Culture and Identity cross-disciplinary project conducted between the Science Museum in London, the Palace Museum in Beijing, academics at Beijing Jiaotong University and the Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, and creative industries practitioners in China and the UK, this introduction highlights the key impacts of the research. As well as creating the practical output of a digital museum experience focused on the workings of the Country Scene clock, the research brought a range of wider impacts, including a change in understanding between collaborators, capacity-building skills, research process development and a change in attitude. The papers of this supplementary issue reflect some of the range of impacts of the work of our collaborators.