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  • LIU Yidong


Name: LIU Yidong


Department of History of Science and Technology in the West (Western Department),Center for the Study on the Development Strategies of Individual Disciplines, Academic Divisions of CAS 




1984-1987, Master of Engineering Science, Chinese Electric Power Research Institute(EPRI),Beijing;

1979-1984, Bachelor of Engineering Science, Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing


Selected Publications



(1) Information Technology: Support Platform of Man’s Third-level Survival[M]in chinese Published by Guang Dong People Press,Gang Zhou 2000

(2) A History of Technology in Modern China(with Xijing Wu,et al.) [M]in chinese, Published by Science Press,Beijing 2000

(3) Approach to Science(with Yongxiang Lu,et al.)[M]in chinese Published by Liao Ning Education Press,Shen Yang 2001(This book is awarded as the 13th China National Book Prize,2001.)

(4) Research on the Development of Chinese Computer Industry (with Genqun Li)[M]in chinese Published by Shan Dong Education Press,Ji Nan 2005

(5) The Intelligence Industry Revolution: Scientific and Technological Transformation, Industrial Transformation, and Social Transformation under the Coercion of Irreversible Growth of Ruin-causing Knowledge[M]in Chinese with English abstract Published by Contemporary China Publishing House, Beijing, 2007




1. The Biggest Challenge and Scientific Revolution Confronted by Human Beings,[J]in chinese with English abstract, Studies in Dialectics of Nature (ISSN 1000-8934,Beijing)Vol.16,No.4 ,2000,pp.50-55

(This paper is awarded as the first prize of the third “Elephant Prize for Excellent Papers on the History of Science and Technology”,2001)

2. On the Study on History of Science and Technology Aimed at Forecast,[C] Wen-Bo Weng National Academician and Forecast of Visitation of Providence, Edited by Ming-tai Wang,Oil Industry Press,2001,pp.116-120

3. On the Runaway of Scientific and Technological Knowledge Growth( = 1 \* ROMAN I)( = 2 \* ROMAN II),[J]in chinese with English abstract, Studies in Dialectics of Nature (ISSN 1000 8934,Beijing)Vol.18,No.4 ,2002,pp.39-42,48; Vol.18,No.5 ,2002,pp.32-36

4.Internet in China-History, Policy and Problems, [C]The Ninth International Conference on the History of Science in East Asia, Singapore University Press LTD 2002,pp.

5. Curse To the Late Comer: A Case Study on the History of Integrate Circuit in China, [C] in chinese, History of Technology Study Edited by ZhenHuan Jiang, Published by Haerbin Industry University Press 2002,pp.24-38

6. Strategy of Innovation Advantage based on National Innovation System: Taking the development of Chinese Software Industry as a Sample[J]in chinese with English abstract, Studies in the History of Natural Sciences (ISSN 1000-0224,Beijing)Vol.22,suppl ,2003,pp.81-99

7. Systematical Study & Problem Solving Approach Based on the Experience-Borrowing Principle: A Case Study on the History of Internet in China[C] in chinese, International Symposium Science and Technology in Modern China: Retrospect and Prospect, Edited by Jian Song, Chinese Science and Technology Press,2003.pp.378-389

8.Corporate culture, corporate intellect and corporate core competency: Understanding and plot of the three elements of corporation and research institution in the Network Age[J]in chinese with English abstract, Journal of HIT(Social Science Edition) vol.5.No.3,2003,pp.35-40

9. On a complex method of evaluation which will overcome peer review [J]in chinese with English abstract, Studies in Dialectics of Nature (ISSN 1000-8934,Beijing)Vol.20,No.1 ,2004,pp.98-102

10.Institutional Innovation Aimed at Enhancing Science and Technology Competitiveness:Exploration on National Science & Technology and IP System(NSTIPS)[J]in chinese with English abstract, Studies in the History of Natural Sciences (ISSN 1000-0224,Beijing)Vol.22,suppl ,2004,pp.53-65

11. System Innovation and Deeply Application of IT: New Explore of the Enterprise’s Credit Guarantee System [J]in chinese with English abstract, Studies in Dialectics of Nature (ISSN 1000-8934,Beijing)Vol.21,No.12 ,2005,pp.60-63

12.Sciences:Stepping into the 21st Century(with Qianjin Wang, et al),[M]Report of Development of Science, in chinese with English abstract, Edited by Chinese Academy of Science, Published by Science Press,Beijing 2001,pp.11-17

13.Reflection on the Study for History of Science and Technology Policy in China(with Weijia Hu, et al) [J]in chinese with English abstract, Studies in the History of Natural Sciences (ISSN 1000-0224,Beijing)Vol.22,suppl ,2004,pp.81-90

14. The Biggest Challenge Facing the Knowledge Economy and Mode of knowledge Creation with Lower-Risk 8th European Conference On Knowledge anagement, Barcelona, Spain, 2007.

15.E-Academy: The Next Scientific Revolution[J] in chinese with English abstract, Cross Century,2008(3)

16 A Galileo-Style Revolution---Talent Revolution and Science Revolution Triggered by Evaluation Method through Display of Innovative Points and Talent Recognition System through Novelty-Inquiry Analysis[J],Time Education,2008(5)

17. Intensity of Innovation: The Primary Criterion for Evaluating Academic Achievements[J], Science and Technology Innovation Herald,2009(12)

18. Evaluating the Achievements based on Creativity, and Recognizing Academic Laureates According to their Achievements Only[J], Future and Development,2011(9)

19. Miss Aim Principle and MU Train's Dilemma: the Humans Have Already Lost the Ability to Correct their Great Mistakes[J], Future and Development,2011(12)

20. Opinion Search and Opinion Mining: A New Type of Information Technology Bringing about New  Scientific and Talent Revolution[C], Springer Press,2011.12

21. Grey Science and Grey Innovation System: The Key Factors for the Rapid Rise of GM Crops[J], Journal of Dialectics of Nature,2012(10)

22. To Promote the Wise Discourse Power and Think Tank& Media Power to Realize the Rapid Rise of China's Think Tanks[J], Future and Development,2012(12)




Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences,


Beijing, 100190