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  • LI Jinsong


Name: LI Jinsong

Associate Professor

Residence: July, 1986– now

Departments and Research Group: Department of History of Science and Technology in Pre-Modern China & Center for Scientific Studies on Cultural Heritage, CAS




Beijing University of Chemical Technology, B.Eng.Bachelor in Molecular chemical industry, 1982. Sept~1986. Jul.


Employment History


IHNS, CAS, Research Assistants, 1992. Feb. ~1997. Nov .

Associate Professor, 1997. Nov . ~now


Research Interest/Areas


Study on traditional technology


Selected Publications


Yang Ruidong, Li Xiaocen, LI Jinsong, Hua Jueming ,“An Investigation on the Craft of Iron Casting by Stone Mould in Huize County, Yunnan Province”The Chinese Journal for History of Science and Technology, 2010, 31 (1): 94-113

Zhao Hansheng, Li Jinsong, Qinn Shuangxia, “The survey and research of Tilted Looms of Dong Minority”, The Chinese Journal for History of Science and Technology, 2013, 34 (2): 184-198

Hua Jueming ,LI Jinsong, “All Sorts of Workmen of the Chinese”, Guwuxuan Publishing House ,2010.AUG.




Address:Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences,


Beijing, 100190


Phone number:010-57552536