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  • CHEN Xiaoshan


Name: CHEN Xiaoshan 


Departments and research group: Department of History of Science and Technology in Pre-Modern China (Pre-Modern Department)




Ph.D. in College of Urban and Environment Science, Peking University


Research Interest/Areas


Historical Geography


Selected Publications


1. Chen Xiaoshan, "The establishment and the end of the sea route between Dengzhou and Liaodong in Ming dynasty", Wen Shi,2010(1):209-234.

2. Chen Xiaoshan, "The Formation of Middle-level Local Administration System in Liaodong in Ming Dynasty: Trace Back to the Event that the Post of Bingbeidao was Given to Minister of Yuanmasi", Journal of Chinese Historical Geography, 2011(2):21-31.

3. Chen Xiaoshan, "The Building Time of Liaohai Garrison and Its Location in the Ming Dynasty", Historical Geography, NO.25(2011),209-213

4. Chen Xiaoshan, "Zheng He Baochuan's Investigation from the Standpoint of Technical History since Last Century", Studies in chinese history, NO.222012), 29-40

5. Chen Xiaoshan, "From Regional Character to Regional Personification: One Aspect of the Evolution of Public Geographical View", Social Sciences Review,2013(2):86-89

6. Chen Xiaoshan, "Regional Variations in the Making and Practice of Bao Jia Law in the Northern Song Dynasty", Journal of Historical Science, 2013(6):49-56

7. Chen Xiaoshan, "The Large Scale Abolishment of Prefectures and Counties during Wang Anshi's Reform Period", Historical Geography, NO.27(2013),36-51

8. Chen Xiaoshan, "Early Ming Sea Transport Garrisons and Leading Naval Families: The Family of Huang Sheng zeng", Essays in Ming History, NO.112013),48-65



Address: Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences,


Beijing, 100190