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  • YANG Lijuan

Name: YANG Lijuan 

Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Research Interest/Fields: The history of science in modern China (History of Geology, History of Geoscience)





  1. 2014.09-2017.07        Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, CAS - Ph.D. in History of Sciences
  2. 2011.09-2014.07        Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, CAS - M. A. in History of Sciences
  3. 2007.09-2011.07        Jilin University - B.E. in Biology Science and Technology


Employment History 


2018.07—Present        Institute for the History of Natural Science, CAS--Assistant research fellow



Publications(Journal Articles)


  1. YANG Lijuan, HAN Qi, “The Introduction of English Geology Textbooks into Late Qing China——A Case Study of the Commercial Press New Text Book Series of Geology”, The Chinese Journal for the History of Science and Technology, Vol. 35, No. 3(2014): 316-331.
  2. YANG Lijuan, “William Muirhead’s Dili Quanzhi and the Early Transmission of Western Geology in China”, Studies in the History of Natural Sciences, Vol.35, No.1(2016): 48-60.
  3. YANG Lijuan, “The Introduction of Geology into Late Qing China: A Case Study of the Geological Textbooks Translated from Japanese”, Studies in the History of Natural Sciences, Vol.35, No.3(2016): 311-319.
  4. YANG Lijuan, HAN Qi, “A New Study of the Earliest Chinese Translation of ‘Ordovician’”, Fossils, No.4(2016): 34-35.
  5. YANG Lijuan, “The Study of the Chinese Translation of ‘Fossil’”, Geological Review, Vol.65, No.1(2019): 25-28.





Address:Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 55 Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China, 100190

Email: yanglijuan@ihns.ac.cnLisaylj@163.com

Tel: (86)13811404351, 010-57552571